Keith Grant

Email: keithgrant51@googlemail.com


A skilled C++ developer with experience working on large codebases. Having worked on both framework and application teams, and both new and legacy codebases I have a broad understanding of the various issues a developer will encounter.
As well as my day job in medical imaging I like to keep my software skills up to date by working on smaller visualization projects based around OpenGL.

Employment History

Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe

Software Engineer (October 2013 - Present)

  • Application Development
    • Designing and Implementing application features to meet customer requirements
    • Writing high quality testable code
    • Following strict project processes to comply with international regulatory requirements
    • Prototyping proof of concepts

Working in medical imaging, every step of application development has to take into consideration the various regulatory requirements of the target markets. This leads to a very structured approach to software development which values testability and traceability so that we can be confident that our software is suitable for use without having a negative impact on patient care.

Graduate Software Engineer (July 2013 - October 2014)

  • Framework Maintenance Support
    • Investigating and resolving bug reports
    • Implementing change requests
    • Designing and implementing new features

My first role at TMVSE was in the Framework support and maintenance team, where I provided support to our customers in Japan. My day to day work could involve anything from investigating differences in memory usage across branches, to implementing bug fixes to integrating new functionality.


Chef *(1998 - 2009)

Prior to retraining as a software developer I spent many years working in the hospitality industry. This has had a positive impact on my ability to work to rigid deadlines in high stress environments with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and abilities.


Skills Level
C++ Advanced
OpenGL/GLSL Proficient
C# Elementary
JavaScript Elementary

While I am primarily a C++ developer, my work also involves writing client side UI in JavaScript utilizing the ExtJS framework as well as using various languages such as C# to maintain and extend build scripts and internal tools and utilities.


University of The West of Scotland (2009 - 2013)

BSc Computer Games Technology (Hons. 1st Class)

The Computer Games Technology course is primarily aimed at producing technically able software engineers. It has a strong focus on programming skills and covers OpenGL, AI, algorithms and data structures. It also encourages students to work collaboratively both within their own degree program and providing cross disciplinary projects where students from the animation, sound engineering and games degrees get to work together.