Italian Meringue



  • 500g Caster Sugar
  • Water
  • 8 Egg Whites


Put the sugar in a pan with just enough water to cover it, and heat to 140¬o C (Use a sugar thermometer) While the syrup is heating put the egg whites in a clean metal bowl and whisk till stiff peaks form. Once the syrup is at temperature slowly pour into the egg whites while continuing to whisk them, the heat from the syrup will cook the egg whites so no further cooking will be necessary. Once all the syrup is in the egg whites, continue whisking until the meringue has cooled. It should have a mallow texture to it. You can now pipe it onto pies or flans or anything else you like, and you can use a blowtorch to colour the piped meringue. If you don’t have a blowtorch just place under a hot grill for a few seconds.